Last Chance Saloon

March 28th, 2008
Gwyn Headley

by Gwyn Headley

Managing Director

At midnight next Monday, March 31st, the last black hole in the World Wide Web will be plugged.

From April 1st, anyone who upgrades to or joins as a Platinum fotoLibra member will get a staggering 100 — count them, ONE HUNDRED — 100 gigabytes of storage and selling space.

It’s enough to satisfy the space-hungriest photographer.

But what this doesn’t tell you is the little slip we made when we created Platinum membership. We promised UNLIMITED storage.

And of course that still holds true. All existing Platinum members will continue to have unlimited storage on fotoLibra for all time, or as long as they remain members, whichever comes sooner.

But we couldn’t maintain the offer for ever. So we’ve put a time limit on it, and that expires at midnight (GMT) on Monday.

That means that any individual who upgrades to Platinum between now and Monday night will still be getting UNLIMITED storage for as long as they remain members.

It’s too generous an offer to last. Sorry about that.

But it’s still open!


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