March 13th, 2009
Gwyn Headley

by Gwyn Headley

Managing Director

I recently found this remarkable web site called Web Archive: which records snapshots of websites in history.

Intrigued, I searched for fotoLibra (as one does) and came across this:

fotoLibras first Home Page

It forms several parts of our original home page, designed and coded by me (rather poorly, I am now prepared to confess). The 976 appalling images we proudly offered were taken by me. And I’m not a photographer.

It’s dated six years ago tomorrow, when the idea of fotoLibra was just over a year old and we were still over a year away from getting a workable site. God, the frustrations! The expense!

And just when we think we can discern a carrot at the end of the tunnel (thanks, Dede) we get whacked by the global credit crunch. So six years on it’s still God, the frustrations! The expense!

But because we run such a tight ship and provide a unique service, I think we’ll pull through.

We just have to let people know we exist. I never realised how hard that bit would be.


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