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by Gwyn Headley

Managing Director

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Photoshop is the tool of choice for most fotoLibra members. At the last count 7,227 fotoLibra members were using Adobe products. If one in ten of you can add your name to this petition we’ll soon have over a thousand.

A substantial constituency. Yet one that is treated with disdain by the Adobe corporation. Pound for dollar, Adobe products have always been around 20 to 40% more expensive in the UK than the US. They claim that support and marketing is more expensive over here.

I don’t believe that. Americans are higher paid and taxed lower than the Brits.

Come on Adobe. Show some respeck, man!


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One Response to “Adobe should stop overcharging its UK and European customers”

  1. Julia Rich says:

    I am fed up with the pricing for Adobe and the fact that they bring out a “new” version far too quickly after releasing the last “new” version. Most of the additional program parts could be released as uploads as they aren’t that major a change – and are sometimes less workable than the old version. The bit that really peeves me is that they promptly stop the new camera raw updates for any older versions forcing their victims into an ever increasing expense spiral if you should upgrade your equipment. On top of that, if you have something like, say, Fractals, you then have to buy a new version of that program to work with the new version of Adobe. Adobe require educating generally that their products are overpriced and over tweaked and their expectations of the spending power of photographers is over estimated.