Gwyn Headley

by Gwyn Headley

Managing Director

We all have to live with spam, and if a blog or a site is widely read or visited, we have to accept that among its users there will be people who hold violently different opinions to the majority. Do we allow them their comments, or not?

Well we do, even when the one tired old fotoLibra Stalker, frothing over his keyboard, posts another gratuitous assault on the company he loves to hate. It’s his point of view, warped and twisted though it may be, so up it goes. If anyone is remotely interested, I’ll post the story of how many years ago a sad man flagellated himself into this state of apoplectic rage.

On the other hand, we will delete out-and-out spam and comments which have no relevance. Someone posted something like “Way – Hey! R E E E S P E E E C T!” on the BAPLA Shock Horror blog posting the other day, so as it added nothing to the debate I deleted it. Back came a resentful “So much for Open Access.” I deleted that too. If you posted those and you really want to contribute, why not say what you want to say instead of just shouting incoherently? It will be published.

I have to scan through all the spam that’s picked up by the excellent Akismet plug-in for WordPress, because something genuine might slip through. Sometimes they make me smile with their guile, but this one brought a tear to my eye:

Very interesting post. On the other hand, good copywriters are very well considerated because they achieve very good results. For exemple, a good headline can make that much more people read your post.

The person can’t write English. Yet he’s offering copywriting services. Very … very … very; good … good … good — two words repeated 6 times in 33. Bad style, I’d say.

“Considerated”. Is this George W. Bush coming back to haunt us?

“For exemple”, for example.

“make that much more people”? Wrong, wrong, wrong!

I wouldn’t dream of going to Saudi Arabia and setting up as a Hafiz. What makes this guy go to the lengths of spamming something which proves he’s incompetent?

What hope! What confidence! To set up a spamming business offering something you so clearly cannot do! It’s like the fotoLibra Stalker deluding himself he’s a photographer.


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3 Responses to “Unpleasant comments and spam”

  1. Gary Rogers says:

    Thank you for posting this – it made me smile this morning. It’s a very good post that is good in a very well considerated way. I have sent it on to very many much more people who will be very pleased to see how very good it is, even though they don’t know me or you.

    But seriously, I completely agree. If you are looking for work, I respect that; we all need to work. But please engage me first, then demonstrate that you have something I need. I expect you are (very) good at something, so why not look for people who want/need that thing you can actually do?

    Ahem: “a sad man flagellated himself into this state of apoplectic rage” – if anyone is interested?! Are you nuts?! I have to know!!

  2. GAL says:

    “If anyone is remotely interested, I’ll post the story of how many years ago a sad man flagellated himself into this state of apoplectic rage.”

    Yes please – I’m curious to know….

  3. Gwyn Headley says:

    Of course I’ll tell — but it will have to wait for the weekend as I mustn’t mix business with pleasure!