Bada Bing!

April 4th, 2014
Gwyn Headley

by Gwyn Headley

Managing Director

As an Apple user of 23 years’ standing, I obviously prefer to use the Bing search engine from Microsoft rather than any goggle-eyed alternative. It has a very rigorous porn filter, so when I search for Gwyn Headley (come on! don’t we all?) I get 31,000 results as opposed to 64,000 from a rival search engine.

But the main reason I like to use Bing is that it looks so nice. And one of the reasons it looks so nice it because they buy photographs from fotoLibra to use on their home page. Here are two fotoLibra images they’ve recently chosen:

Three baby scops owls, by Linda Wright

Three baby scops owls, by Linda Wright


A herd of Oryx

An oryx herd, by Paul Benson


Congratulations to fotoLibra contributors Linda Wright and Paul Benson.

And what’s more, Bing pays decently as well. Full marks.


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11 Responses to “Bada Bing!”

  1. Lois Bryan says:

    Both are gorgeous, glorious works!! Yes indeed, congratulations to Linda Wright and Paul Benson!!! Talented photographic artists!!!!!

  2. John Launay says:

    Fair Comment??

  3. Bing is also easily accessible on PCs running (eg) MS Internet Explorer. Highlight a word or phrase, right click, and select “Search with Bing” – results open in a new window. So you don’t have to stick with Apple!

    Another search engine I use a lot recently is Duck Duck Go. Surprisingly simple, quick and efficient. (I fact I hardly use ‘Giggle’ any more.)

    Anyhow, I’m pleased to hear Bing are good customers. I also make extensive use of Bing Maps
    (For those in UK, these give access to OS too. Just the thing for checking the correct placenames of photos you’ve taken…)

  4. Phil Smith says:

    What’s pornographic about Gwyn Headley then????

  5. charles solo says:

    They are bright, sharp and professionally picture shots.

  6. Glad to see that MS are buying at FL, Gwyn. I hope that they are paying decent rates?! Still confused as to why an Apple user is so hooked on MS though?

    @Phil Let’s not go there – please!


  8. devendra says:

    Beautiful. pls see to see pics from bhopal

  9. Rewati Kaul says:

    Great photographs. It shows the talent.

  10. Paul Verizzo says:

    I always wondered where they got those high quality images! Glad to hear its FL.

    After watching a video on TED about how Giggle and Bing customize their searches with up to 57 critera that lead to radically different results for any two people, I switched to duckduckgo, as someone noted above.

    duckduckgo does not record your browsing history, location, or anything that the NSA might want to know about you. Any two people doing the same search will get the same results. Don’t like your results? Built in easy to try the search on one of the big boys.

  11. Jan Fritz says:

    beautiful ligh, great pictures