Gwyn Headley

by Gwyn Headley

Managing Director

When we ask fotoLibra contributors to rummage through their attics to find old photographs that can never be taken again, this is what we hope they’ll come up with. FOT3028 is just an average, everyday shot of a mass funeral in Hawai’i.

Boy Scouts funeral  Hawaii

Boy Scouts funeral Hawaii

It was taken by the grandfather of our next-door neighbour in London. He was a travelling organ builder, and this was taken from his organ loft at the funeral.

But look carefully at the yellow circles. What he wasn’t to know, and which has only later been uncovered by posterity and diligent research, is that this is the only known photograph showing Elvis Presley and the Emperor Hirohito of Japan in the same picture!

Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley

Emperor Hirohito

Emperor Hirohito

What a find. This will rewrite history.



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9 Responses to “Elvis & Hirohito — the proof”

  1. Erik Strodl says:

    get onto the press you could make a mint!!
    get the fotoLibra logo all over it watermark it 10 times!!

  2. Diana Seymour says:

    I didn’t notice the date, but didn’t think it looked much like Elvis either! Nice try.

  3. Erik Strodl says:

    I don’t think the press would fall for it either….remember the spaghetti that grew on trees?

  4. Harry Perry says:

    Wow! That’s photography gold! But it even gets to be platinum when you realise that the young John Wayne is in the front row with his wife holding the stars and stripes! Can’t tell which of his three wives it is, unfortunately.

  5. Antony McCallum says:

    Spot on – and I bet that’s Barack Obama’s great granddad leaning on the car at image right.

  6. Paul Moore says:

    Only one problem, Gwyn: It doesn’t look like Elvis Presley. Ah well. 🙂