More excitement than we need

March 25th, 2008
Gwyn Headley

by Gwyn Headley

Managing Director

You had a Picture Call from Jacqui last week, for the tomb of Gertrude Bell in Baghdad. Here’s what one fotoLibra member wrote to us on Easter Sunday:

I’m in Baghdad now – and the cemetery is on our list of places to re-visit, but it’s in a difficult part of town, with a risk of being stopped and kidnapped at fake checkpoints.
It’s also rather noisy here today – lots of explooding Easter eggs (mortars and rockets aikmed at the Green zone), so we’re keeping a low (indoor) profile out here in the city for a few hours.
But I will keep trying – however it’s unlikely in time for this deadline.

The deadline (perhaps too literal in this case) has passed, and this time we have disappointed the client.

But hey, did our fotoLibra members try, or what?


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