Canon EOS

October 8th, 2008
Gwyn Headley

by Gwyn Headley

Managing Director

I’m going to bang on about resolution again.

The only reason we ask for all uploaded images to have their resolution set to 300 ppi is for consistency. We deliver product to professionals, and if they know that every image they download from us will always be 300 ppi and will always have its profile set to Adobe RGB (1998) then we maintain the image of being A Reliable Source in their minds.

Hang on, I’ve just thought of a second reason. It’s a little hurdle for members to step over. If anyone could upload anything to fotoLibra (which they can) without thinking (which they can’t) we would, as several Eeyores predicted, be hosting a lot of dross, instead of what is probably the most eclectic, creative and visually satisying collection of images to be found on the web.

We had members complaining that their perfectly legal 300 ppi images were being rejected by fotoLibra on the grounds they were 0 ppi or 72 ppi. The problem seemed to have no pattern. Some members have never had a moment’s worry uploading to fotoLibra. Others were cursing and screaming with frustration, with every photograph being rejected. We asked to see samples and although some were perfectly legit, many of them were very clearly 72 ppi.

Then two members in a row mentioned they were using Canon EOS cameras. Desperate to seize on any coincidence, we emailed everyone who had suffered difficulty uploading in the last few months.

You guessed it. They all had Canon EOS cameras.

So Damien reconfigured the site and as far as we can tell, all those EOS uploads are now being magically accepted. I hope the problem is over.

Wait a sec. Reason #3. This is the most cynical, exploitative and political reason of them all. And I’m confessing to it? Yes, because I’m not cynical, exploitative or political. In Britain during World War II houseowners were encouraged to make a visible public display of their sacrifice and commitment to the war effort by giving up their iron railings to make Spitfires.

But Spitfires weren’t made from wrought iron. The rumour persists that it was all a scam; the metal was never used, it was merely a political device to bond the country in sacrifice. And I’ve said all along that resolution isn’t important or even relevant as an indicator of the quality of the image — it’s the pixel dimensions that count. So fotoLibra members can bond together by uploading 300 ppi images.

It’s good for you.


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One Response to “Canon EOS”

  1. Gwyn Headley says:

    Yes, there was a simple answer, although solving it was hard. The problem was caused by Canon being clever. Did you know that when you take a picture with your spiffy Canon EOS you actually take two pictures? One is your actual photograph, the other is an identical but much smaller 72 ppi thumbnail to speed up previews. So when you upload your photograph to fotoLibra, you are really uploading two photographs. fotoLibra reads the first image, which has the same filename as the proper image, and sees it’s 72 ppi. So we reject it.
    Collapse of stout party.
    Never mind, it’s sorted now.