Gwyn Headley

by Gwyn Headley

Managing Director

You know what? This works, and this is not a scam. Because I’m running it.

If you’re not already a fotoLibra member, this is what to do. You have to have a digital camera, a computer and an internet connection to begin with.

Go to and sign up as a Seller. It’s free, because you can only upload so many photographs.

Thousands of people do this, upload a dozen photos, and wait for them to sell.


This is how to make it work for you. Upload only one picture, just to try out the routine.

Then sit back and wait for fotoLibra to email you with their Picture Calls — lists of the pictures that pro buyers are looking for.

There are Picture Calls on every subject and for every place under the sun. They are usually quite specific, so you will know exactly what’s wanted.

There are two or three Picture Calls a week. Just keep an eye on them. It costs you nothing at all.

All you have to do is upload the pictures they’re asking for. The average picture sells for around $100, and you get half. That’s about $50 for you each time your pictures sell. They can sell again and again.

I really think this is a no-brainer, a win-win situation. So tell your friends!


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3 Responses to “How to make money without spending anything”

  1. Using this method, how often can we “recycle” those 12 slots?

    For example, let’s say I submit 4 photos week one,
    another 4 photos week two,
    and another 4 photos week three.
    Now it’s week four, and I’d like to submit more photos, but I’ve already used all my 12 of my available photo storage slots.

    Assuming they don’t sell (or even if they do sell), how soon can I remove those photos so I can upload more for future Picture Calls?


  2. Gwyn Headley says:

    As from January 1st 2009 you can change, add and delete your images as often as you like, whenever you like. Truly open access. You can hang around and wait for the right Picture Call to come along, dump all your existing images and go for a new set.
    You can throw your hand in at any time and get new cards. And it’s free. But when we have a request for 225 images like we just had with the Variety Picture Call, you’ll still only be able to submit 12.
    The problem with this method is that buyers usually take a very long time to decide what images they want. They take even longer to pay, but that’s another matter. They need continuity of supply, so if they find an image they like, they rather expect it to be there next week.
    You could always spend $8 a month and upload six gigabytes of images. Problem solved.

  3. Thanks!
    So, to be clear… In my original example, how would I know *when* I could delete, say, my first four photos I submitted in week 1? (i.e. do I get an email saying the buyer has finishing reviewing and mine didn’t “make the cut,” etc.)?
    In other words, if I have photos in my 12 slots which have been submitted to photo calls, how do I know when it’s safe to delete them?
    I’m sure if I start selling photos here, the $8/month will make sense to me, but for now I want to be sure I understand how to manage what I have access to (which in turn will help me sell, which will prompt me to pay for a full membership!). 😉
    Thanks again for the quick reply – Chuck