I mentioned in a recent blog comment that I’d been a (bad) photographer for 58 years.

Someone had the effrontery to query the claim. Well here’s the proof:

Gwyns first camera

Gwyn’s first camera

Hang on. Maybe they were querying the use of the word ‘bad’.

Hey — I sold a photograph today!


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6 Responses to “A heritage in photography”

  1. Nick Jenkins says:

    No comments necessary, especially with THOSE kneecaps!!

  2. Gwyn Headley says:

    Ah, you’re just jealous!

  3. Julia Rich says:

    My, my, weren’t you lucky to have that camera. Mine at the age of 8 (I’m now retired – but only a year) was a very old box brownie that let in light if you didn’t tape up the gaps. It was a hand-me-down from a brother 10 years my elder and I still have some of the images. I think my knees are better looking though.

  4. Gwyn Headley says:

    It’s actually a Box Hasselblad(!) And even without meeting you I KNOW your knees will be more attractive.

  5. Fred Davis says:

    I am a new member and have a large collection of old photographs that I have used from time to time in my publications and many more that have not seen the light of day. Am I able to sell them on fotoLibra?

  6. Gwyn Headley says:

    Yes! Fred, that was the root of fotoLibra. That’s why we set it up, so people could access the treasures in their family albums, attics, shoe boxes, whatever. But we got swamped by the digital revolution.
    Obviously we can’t guarantee they will sell, but if they’re good enough and we can create a unifying theme, we can go to magazine and book publishers with proposals. They’re always asking us for ideas.
    Start uploading — but remember that good key words are crucial to success.