Every day hundreds of thousands of innocent fotoLibra photographers are hauled off the streets of London and incarcerated in foul, dank dungeons with no hope of release for simply snapping a cop brutalizing an illegal immigrant, or some other harmless pastime.

OK, that may be a mild exaggeration but it’s nothing to what might happen if [insert name of your most loathed political party here] comes to power.

In the event of this happening — or in any event — fotoLibra members might like to read the Metropolitan Police’s official line on taking photographs in public places.

It is not what the scaremongers would have you believe. In general, you’re allowed to do pretty much what you like. And the police have NO POWER AT ALL to delete your photographs.

All the same, if you’re taking photographs in London, better print it out and keep it in your camera bag.


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One Response to “Guidance from the Met”

  1. Fred says:

    The issue is not whether the police (and wannabees) have any actual legitimate legal grounds for hassling photographers, the point is that they are doing it anyway. “If we say it’s about terrorism we don’t even have to justify it” was the officier’s reply when I asked exactly what offence he thought I was committing by using a camera in London.