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41 Responses to “fotoLibra Obstructs Poachers”

  1. Mike Peak says:

    Well done, thank you

  2. Brenda Skinner says:

    Bravo! What clever folks you are! And I hope to hear soon that fotoLibra is a trendsetter in this regard.

  3. Charles says:

    Excellent initiative – well done !

    And as Brenda mentions, I hope this is something you can recruit other photo-hosting sites to.

    Google would be a good place to start seeing as they’re probably the starting point for many many image searches.

    Good luck!

  4. Julia Rich says:

    Well done, a perfect solution to the auto-everything and data gathering without any engagement of brains!

  5. marie-claire lander says:

    Excellent! a very good move!

  6. Linda Wright says:

    What a heartening message!! So often we hear of the terrible exploitation of rare, exotic and fabulous creatures, and feel helpless. This is something that effectively deprives criminals of the wherewithal to wreak havoc. Bravo!!! I hope all picture agencies will hear of this and follow suit… This has made my day!!!

  7. Will Jones says:

    I’m glad you’ve done this!

  8. John Launay says:

    Conscience before cost, well done Fotolibra

  9. Shalva says:

    Great shoot!

  10. I am amazed that poachers would sniff out EXIF data. How horrible. And well done you for denying it to them.

  11. Pete Young says:


  12. Peter Bolton says:

    Well done at Fotolibra! Leading the way.

  13. Well done, Gwyn.

    Messing about with EXIF/IPTC data is usually done for very selfish purposes. Pleased to see this very positive move.

  14. Jan Fritz says:

    very well done!! Should not all agencies do the same?

  15. Phil Jones says:

    Great stuff. Whole hearted support.

  16. Félix Fajardín... says:

    That´s the idea….excellent,congratulations.

  17. Shaun Dymond says:

    Who knew? Well done Fotolibra.

  18. Isabelle says:

    Very good idea. I hope all the agencies but also everybody else ail do the same.

  19. Lola Clark says:


  20. Vic Kirk says:

    Brilliant move.

  21. James B. Masih says:

    Condragulations….A step ahead is always guide to take long way to go and its become a great …..

  22. Sol says:

    Congratulations for such initiave. More tan this should come, thanks for the inspiring idea

  23. Peter Vines says:

    I read about this issue recently. It seems that so much of this amazing tech also comes with a downside. well done for setting this example. Let’s hope other agencies follow suit.

  24. Excellent work Gwyn, its not just about big game either, rare wild UK plants like Orchids can be targeted by using the same data and they can’t even run away!
    Fantastic and very swift response.

  25. Chris says:

    Perhaps this could be a useful tool to catch the bastards!
    Great policy Gwyn.

  26. Rewati Kaul says:

    A good and positive step in protecting the wild life.

  27. Great move, I hope others will do the same

  28. ray harris says:

    Great work -we need to spread the word to other agencies.

  29. Brian says:

    Impressive stuff! Thanks.

  30. Paul Gregg says:

    Fortunately wild animals are constantly on the move so having their location an hour after the image is taken is useless to poachers. It is far simpler for an insider working for the reserve to just contact the poachers on his mobile phone and give them the species, direction of travel and an up to date sighting. In Kruger National Park there are constant updates by visitors to the park on their latest sightings. These appear on various websites and Facebook pages.
    Whilst stripping the info is a noble thought, it is a waste of your time and resources and will not hamper the poachers who are highly sophisticated and well connected with the locals to get up to the minute info.

  31. Cathy says:

    As well as being a picture researcher I am also involved with a charity ‘Africality’ which is primarily an anti poaching organisation. I am grateful for you highlighting this message to all, and have reported this post to the Born Free Foundation in order for them to spread the word. Anything that can help stop animals being slaughtered for their tusks is vital right now as soon pictures will be the only thing we have left of these amazing creatures. Thank you Gwyn for highlighting this.

  32. Tim Ranson says:

    Good work fotoLibra Well done!

  33. robin Menken says:

    well done

  34. Ronnie McGuire says:


  35. Barbara Engelmann says:

    Small steps can help a big deal – when they make people change their perspective – also in a moral sense…I hope for a huge echo of this initiative of yours!

  36. felix says:

    And as Brenda mentions, I hope this is something you can recruit other photo-hosting sites to.

    Google would be a good place to start seeing as they’re probably the starting point for many many image searches.

    Good luck!

  37. […] If you use your GPS-enabled camera to shoot wildlife — you could be helping poachers to shoot wildlife. …Read the full post and responses here fotoLibra Obstructs Poachers […]

  38. Roberta Mitchell says:

    This is brilliant – hopefully others will follow your example! Thanks for making a difference.

  39. Guy Laurence says:

    Well done Fotolibra, thank you for taking this initiative.

  40. Barry Kidd says:

    Hi there Gwyn:

    Excellent post! Excellent idea. Found you from LinkedIn

    Have a happy day,


  41. Lois Bryan says:

    I’ve heard of this gps tracking being used by poachers, Gwyn … and you put the warning as succinctly as I’ve seen. Have tweeted. Getting the word out is vital. And thanks on behalf of our beautiful blue ball’s wildlife for your actions.