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As I write this there are 299,898 high quality, hi-res images for sale on fotoLibra.

Today we will break the 300,000 barrier. I hope.

Of course like 300 ppi, it doesn’t actually mean a lot. Except for a lot of hard work from our wonderful photographers and, I must admit, us.

We’d be celebrating if it wasn’t for the fact that both Yvonne and Damien are off sick. So I guess I’ll have to have the champagne all to myself, as Jacqui and Llinos aren’t here.

Unlike the big portal sites, who have thousands of identical images accumulated from other image libraries and shot as blandly as possible for stock, we have individual images by individual photographers — 17,000 of them. Hand crafted rather than mass produced.

Hey — it’s a landmark. Well done everybody.