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by Gwyn Headley

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For over 40 years psychologist Merrill Elias and his team has been tracking the cognitive abilities of over 1,000 people in the north-eastern United States. The study basically observes the relationship between blood pressure and brain performance.

There have been seven waves of research so far, each one lasting five years, and in the sixth wave, 2001-06, Elias’s team decided to ask participants what they ate.

Researchers compared cognitive tests on participants who reported eating chocolate at least once a week with those who ate less.

The results were remarkable. The chocolate eaters had significantly superior visual-spatial memory and organisation, working memory, scanning and tracking, and abstract reasoning.

In other words, people who eat chocolate are better at multi-tasking, looking at things, remembering numbers and a host of other benefits.

“Our study definitely indicates the direction is that chocolate consumption affects cognitive ability,” says Elias.

It’s clear that if chocolate consumption enhances visual awareness, then photographers and picture editors should be bolting the stuff down.

We are well known in the picture business for handing out large bars of chocolate at trade fairs to picture editors in exchange for their business cards. It seems we were doing right all along.

Stand by therefore for the fotoLibra Enhanced Visual Perception Chocolate Bar, coming as soon as the highly qualified fotoLibra team has conducted extensive empirical research by scoffing as much chocolate as we can find.


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28 Responses to “Eat Chocolate Now.”

  1. Stuart Wilson says:

    Much as I hate to tell you this the conclusion can only be that chocolate eaters had improved brain function. That is NOT the same thing as saying eating chocolate improves those things. But hey, don’t let that stop you eating chocolate, it won’t stop me!

  2. Geoff France says:

    I can now safely admit I have been ahead of the game all along.

  3. Sharon Donahue says:

    I’m eating dark chocolate covered raisins while I am reading this blog and updating a photo database. It must be working!

  4. Dave Carton says:

    Hmm think you may need a snappier name than Enhanced Visual Perception Chocolate Bar Gwyn. Shame Smarties is already taken 🙂

  5. Brenda Skinner says:

    Must have studied only the Democrats.

  6. Erik Strodl says:

    I take it the diet has gone out of the window then?

  7. ioana lucia eliad says:

    ”A moment on the lips
    forever on the hips.”

  8. Doddy Ariawan says:

    Yes that’s true the chocolate can will made relaxing your brain and made you happy. I liked chocolate too.

  9. jane martindale says:

    I knew it…..

  10. Lois Bryan says:

    Good to know. Good to know.

    Not one hour ago I was standing in the line at the grocery store, staring down a 2-pack of Reese’s cups. Pointing at the little darlings, I boldly asked the checker “Should I or shouldn’t I?” She said, “Oh go ahead. You’ve been a good girl all day.” I replied, “Well, yes. Yes I have.”

    I’m currently licking the last of the chocolate off my fingers.

    And the keyboard.

    : ))

    • Gwyn Headley says:

      I had to look up Reese’s Cups (I’m not aware of them in the UK). Did you know that a single one accounts for a quarter of your daily calorific intake? You must have been a VERY good girl!

  11. Hisham Nadi says:

    That explains why slims are a bit daft:)Only kidding, I don’t believe all those good skills can be credited to chocolates, but I cannot deny its positive impact on the spirit.

  12. susan daglian says:

    for some reason …………i have read that dark chocolate is supposed to be “better” for ones health. i avoid it like the plague and concentrate on milk chocolate!