Unlikely partners? Not really.

A Google search on Martin Scorsese (a name his parents made up) returns 15,600,000 results.

A Google search on fotoLibra (a name I made up) returns 1,760,000 results.

So we’ve got a way to go yet. But we’ve only been going since 2004, and he’s been around since 1942 (happy birthday for Thursday, Martin).

I’ve just watched Scorsese’s documentary Living In The Material World about George Harrison, and there, buried in the credits at the end (you had to have very sharp eyes), is the acknowledgment line “Denis O’Dell / fotoLibra”.

It’s not much, but it’s a credit in a Scorsese movie. They paid well for the picture usage, too. Congratulations, Denis!

And I can’t keep the grin off my face.


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15 Responses to “Martin Scorsese and fotoLibra”

  1. Nick Jenkins says:

    Nor should you!

  2. Tom Curtis says:

    Little acorns grow in to large oak trees. So will Fotolibra.

  3. Ann Parry says:

    yes, though names “fotoLibra” and “Martin Scorsese” are made up, photos are not pulled out of the air, so good news the Scorsese documentary photo’s crucial credit line “Dennis O’Dell/fotoLibra” was there to trace its lineage
    smiles – ann-parry (a name I made up)

  4. Walter (Walt) Adams says:

    Congratulatins, Gwyn! Quite an honor and well deserved.

  5. Rod Burkey says:

    Have recorded the Living In The Material World documentary and now will watch it to the very end with added interest. Well done Dennis and fotoLibra.

  6. Is that you grinning?

  7. It just goes to show…..always read the small print!

  8. melony says:

    One small step for man, one big step for mankind. Well done Dennis and PhotoLibra

  9. Congratulations to Dennis and to fotoLibra.

    I watched Martin’s Scorsese’s film and enjoyed it. I found myself thinking all kinds of contrary thoughts – about George Harrison and the other people in the film.

    Overall I came away with fond thoughts for the man.

    Again, congratulations.

  10. John Austin says:

    I agree with melony [that sounds and looks made up aswell] keep up the good work and maybe we will all have our names in the credits for a film sometime in the future

  11. Michaela says:

    Terrific to know the very big boys hunt the shallows
    Well done Dennis and fotoLibra

  12. jean cave says:


  13. Good news for Dennis O’Dell may it continue.

  14. Progress is always good – as is aspiration.

  15. Antonia Owen says:

    Congrats on the credit, Gwyn! Was it the pic of Harrison playing guitar on the roof of the ashram with Jane Asher? I think I was refreshing my drink when it came on screen and may have to rewatch that section of the film!