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Unlikely partners? Not really.

A Google search on Martin Scorsese (a name his parents made up) returns 15,600,000 results.

A Google search on fotoLibra (a name I made up) returns 1,760,000 results.

So we’ve got a way to go yet. But we’ve only been going since 2004, and he’s been around since 1942 (happy birthday for Thursday, Martin).

I’ve just watched Scorsese’s documentary Living In The Material World about George Harrison, and there, buried in the credits at the end (you had to have very sharp eyes), is the acknowledgment line “Denis O’Dell / fotoLibra”.

It’s not much, but it’s a credit in a Scorsese movie. They paid well for the picture usage, too. Congratulations, Denis!

And I can’t keep the grin off my face.