Gwyn Headley

by Gwyn Headley

Managing Director

Well, that might be pushing it a bit, but I’ve always wanted to write a headline like that.

We take care to vet every image uploaded to fotoLibra. The first hurdle of course is quality; images must have a minimum pixel dimension of 1750 and a resolution of 300 ppi. (PPI and DPI deniers — I know your arguments, but the  majority of fotoLibra sales are for print use and they need to be 300 dpi). If you read this blog about PPI/DPI you’ll see that one of the reasons we demand 300 ppi is to prevent porn being uploaded.

We hadn’t thought of drugs.

Someone I’ll call Eugene had. He appears to be from the Ukraine, but that’s easy to mask. What he did was very simple and (I’m reluctant to say it) quite clever. He simply uploaded photographs of drugs to fotoLibra and offered  them for sale. In the Image Description field he wrote “Ve vant to build strong lasting relationship mit customers like you” and followed it with a Skype contact.

Ingenious. Had the images remained on fotoLibra they would very quickly have been picked up by search engines (all our keywords are indexed so search engines can crawl and find them easily) and anyone searching for, say, Hygetropin on the web would have been able to find it nicely displayed on the squeaky clean fotoLibra site together with handy details of how to purchase it.

We spotted the images within an hour of upload. Not much discussion was needed. We simply deleted them.

Yvonne (and if you’ve had dealings with Yvonne, you’ll know she makes Jacqui Norman look like a pussycat) wrote to our hopeful new member:

Hello Eugene

fotoLibra is a professional picture library selling image usage rights to publishers, advertising agencies and so on. We are not a shop window for online drugs’ salesmen; we have therefore removed the images from your portfolio and cancelled your membership.


Yvonne Seeley

Curses! Foiled again!


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13 Responses to “fotoLibra Smashes International Drug Ring”

  1. Brenda Skinner says:

    What satisfaction Yvonne must have got from clicking ‘send.’ Honestly, the nerve of some people. Tsk.

  2. There are ways and means to everything – good or bad!

  3. Ian says:

    Well done, I wonder if any other agencies have been used as a Drug shop and not realised.

  4. I dunno. You may have just walked away from a very profitable sideline…

  5. I’m impressed. The Internet is getting an ever more weird place because of people like Eugene. Unfortunately, he will find another alternative ways, always 🙁 Congratulations Fotolibra. Regards, Kostadin

  6. Jan says:

    Well done and very alert!

  7. Ray Smith says:

    Well done, I hope they were at 300 ppi.

    • Gwyn Headley says:

      The first one he tried was 72 ppi and was automatically rejected by the system. 60 minutes later he’d figured it out and uploaded three at 300 ppi! An hour after that we’d deleted them.

  8. Mike Holden says:

    Story link above is incorrect. Should be

  9. Dodie Ulery says:

    Vigilance pays off.

  10. Kim says:

    Great vigilance guys. Thanks for keeping the website clean.