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5 Responses to “A Welsh Leaf”

  1. Lois Bryan says:

    Yep. Which is why what I post on FB is always either a link or in the rare case where I feel an image is more appropriate to what I’m trying to do (the page headers for example) a heavily watermarked image. The watermark has the added benefit of including my website address. You know. Just in case someone falls in love and wants to make a purchase. Always good to hear your thoughts. Have a great New Year!

  2. Barry Hughes says:

    Hello Gwyn, did you follow up with a TinEye? I did and got 17 results some, like Tumblr, muliple hits. None seemed to emanate from Wales though. Could there be dragons elsewhere?

    I gave up trying locate the originator but it looked likely to be in the East.

    Enjoyed your rant about FB. Glad I’m not the only one boring and being ignored by the great unwashed/mindless enjoying their daily (hourly??) dose of selfies, kittens, cupcakes and terror pix.

    Happy New Year to all at fotoLibra.

  3. Gwyn Headley says:

    A Reader (who understandably wishes to remain anonymous) writes:

    Sadly they’re all at it, before Christmas the Open University sent me an email appealing for OU “stars” for their next advertising campaign.

    Basically you make the video for them upload it to their specifications, & agree to compensate them for any breaches of the law in any country they might decide to use it in, but:

    4. No payment

    a. Your video submission will be treated as a gift to the OU. The OU will not pay you.

    b. You will not receive any benefit from the OU for the use of your video or any contribution that you submit to the OU, regardless of whether or not it is used by the OU.

    5. Future use

    a. By submitting your video (including any text, photographs, graphics, video or audio) to the OU:

    i. You grant the OU, free of charge, permission to use or edit the material or any part of the material you submit in any way and in any media worldwide; and

    ii. You waive any moral rights you may have in the material you submit, including your right to be identified as the author or creator and your right to object to the derogatory treatment of the material.

    b. The OU is under no obligation to broadcast, publish or use your application or the video or any material that you submit in any way. However, some or all of the material you submit may be featured on the OU website and / or be shared on social media outlets such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

    c. You grant the OU the right to change or edit the material in your contribution for operational and editorial reasons.

    So you also agree to them altering it anyway they like (which could alter your original intent, or even defame you or others).
    Sounds like a great “opportunity” eh?

    And then you’ve got the BBC et al grabbing rights from photographers who just want to be able to say their picture was on national TV.