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Very Welsh

November 14th, 2008

When we started fotoLibra a few years ago in the depths of rural Wales (dial-up internet, 28k modem) we expected that among our members such as Eifion ap Llwyd Dafis, Nick Jenkins, Dai Williams, Llinos Jones, Rhodri Cadwaladr and so on we might get a few foreign-sounding names such as John Smith, Paddy Murphy or Iain Macdonald.

This week alone we’re proud to welcome among our new members Zubaer Malik; Poh-Leng Yeoh; Winston Dobres; Waseem Iqbal; Piotr Marcinski; Camille Sersou; Bernd Jürgens; Khadija Hmidouch; Parlin Silitonga; Ruan Fourie; Philippe Mathon; Mohammed Zoll-Khan; Karin Eide; Natalia Mazo; Vun Sookiong; Kihindei Adai; Victoria Izrailova; Georgiana Mitrus; Michael Toglia; Billy Waqar; Dan Clemo; Mokhtar Daud and Richard Se.

I love it, love it, love it. fotoLibra is creating, as I’d always hoped, a worldwide community (though I hate that word!) of photographers who know they’re good enough to get recognised, and fotoLibra is the vehicle that can do it for them.

I hope you all find the fotoLibra experience enjoyable and profitable. A very warm welcome to you all.